Whatsapp, whatsapp web

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, traverse IP administration possessed by Facebook, Inc. It enables clients to send instant messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and offer pictures, reports, client areas, and other media.

WhatsApp is truly outstanding and most mainstream applications all over a world. The person who has a smartphone will have WhatsApp installed.

5.Works Just With Number

Whatsapp, whatsapp web

WhatsApp is that it works just with your contact number. Along these lines, in the event that you don't wish to impart your number to somebody then it is not possible for them to contact you on WhatsApp either

So we have now discussed the benefits of the WhatsApp and we have additionally discussed the weaknesses of WhatsApp. We are certain that you would concur on the way that the upsides of WhatsApp are a lot more noteworthy than the hindrances of WhatsApp. Along these lines, use WhatsApp yet in addition practice care and limitation while utilizing this computerized stage.

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Whatsapp, whatsapp privacy

WhatsApp has truly affected the protection of the individuals and this is one thing which is viewed as the inconvenience of innovation. Anybody can see when you are on the web, Anybody can perceive what time you utilized WhatsApp last and they can even check whether you have perused their messages or not. This is without a doubt one of the disadvantage of innovation. you can change the privacy settings of your application but that is limited.

3.Social Isolation

Whatsapp, whatsapp web

WhatsApp has added to social disconnection among youngsters. Nowadays, in any family assembling or gatherings, youngsters prefer to chat on groups and through personal messages, as opposed to impart, all things considered. Truth be told, young people think that its substantially more agreeable to talk over content than eye to eye. This can prompt different issues like absence of self-assurance in enormous social events or discourse related issues.

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2.Spam issue

Whatsapp, whatsapp scam

Like other messaging application whatsapp has also spam problem.In case, Smartphone number gets to any stanger then he/she can send you undesirable spam messages on your WhatsApp. Many WhatsApp group shares undesirable messages and connections which substance spam. Some spammer take your data by sending you counterfeit meassges on WhatsApp. Too many spam will mischief to your cell phone.

In recent years, WhatsApp Messenger got enormous notoriety among people of each age group. Thus, the quantity of deceitful and spamming exercises have also expanded to extraordinary degree.

1.Whatsapp Addiction

Whatsapp, whatsapp web, whatsapp addiction

Much the same as some other social media platform, WhatsApp is also exceptionally addictive. People continue sharing Memes to pick up consideration, they share statuses and they continue utilizing the informing stage over the day. This is something which is viewed as a significant drawback of this messaging application.

These things can help you if you are also addicted of Whatsapp:

  • Starts reading various books/novels.
  • Travel some place or visit your family members. 
  • Rather than checking whatsapp head outside and play your favorite outdoor or indoor game. 
  • Do phone call to your dear companions and all family members as opposed to doing ping on whatsapp. 
  • Keep off data and WiFi connection of your smartphone while doing another things.